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Picking up your piglet & Balance info

The time is approaching to pick up your piglet!
Please get the remaining balance paid using the button below:


**Your piglet can be picked up starting the 9th of July or after **

Your piglet needs to be picked up within 5 days of the date above.  If he or she needs to stay longer, we charge a daily feeding/care fee.  I book the pickup appointments by hour slots so there's plenty of time if someone is running late. I will be starting pickups at 10am and they will go to 3pm. So please let me know what time you want. It's first come first serve :)  Email me to set that up: 



*Please email me now if we need to set up ground transportation/delivery for your baby.* This typically runs around $300


The address you will be picking up your baby from is:

4309 Sierra Ave
Norco, Ca 92860


And my phone # is 951-505-7284
(Text me if you're running late please)

*Please wear closed toe shoes, and do not bring any other animals with you at the time of pickup.


Bring a hard-sided kennel to put your baby in! - (soft bag/kennels DO NOT work well for pigs) Laundry baskets, plastic tubs and boxes are NOT sufficient It needs to be secure and close so the baby is safe. he/she will want to stay in that the entire time, as he/she will be very scared.


Click the pic below to see our suggestion for kennel and size.



Your piglet may or may not potty in it.. that's ok… and normal. Trying to let him/her out to go potty would just frighten the baby more. And sometimes they hold it or wont go for the first day due to nerves.

He/She may or may not throw up… so bring some baby wipes and paper towels, just in case :)

They have water and feed bowls that attach to kennel doors nice and low so the pigs can reach. Those are best so they don't spill, but he/she may or may not want to eat or drink, again due to nerves.


Remember if you end up taking him or her out of the kennel for any reason… not to have any car doors open or windows down. They can and will hop out and you wont be able to catch him/her :( People have mistakenly put the piglet down for a second thinking it would stay put and the piglet runs off. So yeah, it's best to be careful :)


Beyond that when you get her home just put her in her little sectioned off area with some food and water down and let her decompress without too much stimulation. If they get too nervous or overwhelmed it can cause diarrhea If that happens, let me know ASAP as it can turn serious fast. So no treats or human food other than the food I give you for the first couple of days till her tummy settles.

Your baby will be going home with a gallon zip lock of organic food he or she is used to eating. If you'd like to order the EXACT food we use.. you can order via amazon here or you can access the retailer website to see if a feed store near you carries it. We DO suggest feeding an organic pellet. Yes, they are marketed for "hogs" but the protein and fiber values are what we look at. The protein is best at 14-16% and this feed is 15%. 

You feed the same amounts as you would a food marketed for mini pigs. The problem with these non-Organic feeds is they are FULL of MSGs and genetically modified corn and soybeans. They have caused a ton of health issues in pigs over the years, while organic feeds have shown VAST differences. 

You CAN find organic pig feeds online.  Just google organic pig feed, and you want something in the 14-16% protein range... no more than that.  













#1 choice best quality (Can order online) but more expensive than a retail store:

1.Modesto Milling 15% organic pig feed (what we feed)



Other options to have your local feed shop order:

2.Scratch And Peck Pig Grower  (a loose pig feed, non pelleted)

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