*We do not charge extra for blue eyes or special coloring.

Our price of $1200 is affordable compared to others charging thousands of dollars (for no reason)
Your piglet is coming from a LOVING home! We pride ourselves in caring for our animals.
 Our piglets are handled, loved,  & socialized with us & dogs from week 1!
 We keep you posted with updates and "pigtures" as they grow.
  The expected adult size of a piglet is in the range of the parent’s size.
 You pick a name and we will start teaching them it from birth.
 Piglets are litter box trained, weaned to solid foods, and de-wormed. 
Piglets go home with a care package including our information packet, piglet records, a dose of de-wormer, and a sample ziplock bag of the organic food your piglet is used to.
 Lifetime support for you!  We are ALWAYS here for questions & concerns.  Contact us anytime!



All piglets are $1200 unless on sale.  The $300 deposit is due upfront to get you on the list.  The remaining $900 plus tax is due at 5 weeks of age.   Your deposit goes to the total cost of the piglet and will place you on our waiting list and hold your spot in line for the piglet of your choice.  If what you are looking for is not produced or there are not enough piglets, your deposit will be transferred to the next available litter, from which you will be offered pigs. All payments made towards a piglet are non-refundable.  We use a first come first serve basis so the person that puts a deposit down first gets first pick of the available piglets. We do accept payments, but the piglet has to be paid off by the time the piglet is 5 weeks old otherwise you will be forfeiting your piglet. Deposits expire after 6 months

 Once piglets are offered to you, your choice to pick or pass needs to be made within 24 hours. We have a waiting list and it's not fair to keep the others on the list waiting. If you don't respond I will have to move down the list.

We DO NOT sell pigs for breeding purposes.  All of our piglets are strictly sold to be pets and females will go home with a spay and or neuter contract in place if neuter arrangements aren't made prior to  pick up.

*By placing a deposit or payment, you are certifying that you are at least 21 years of age and legally eligible to enter into a binding contract. Further, you agree to SoCalMiniPigs.com Terms and conditions as well as SoCalMiniPigs.com Piglet Contract listed on our terms page, and that all payments made toward a piglet are non refundable.


 After your initial deposit, you are welcome to make payments on your piglet till he or she is paid off. All payments are non-refundable and your piglet must be paid off by 5 weeks of age.  
*This does not apply to piglets that are already old enough to go home. With piglets already 6 weeks or older, full payment is due.
If for some reason the payment form below isn't working, please text us 951-505-7284 to get help.
We can also accept VENMO payments- We will send you a request for payment.  Please Text us with your ID 951-505-7284


All piglets are $1200 unless on sale.  $300 deposit, and the remaining $900 plus tax due at 5 weeks of age.  We do not charge extra for blue eyes or special coloring.  You may be wondering why our price is so much cheaper or nearly half of what some other breeders are charging.  The answer is simple.  We just want all of our costs to be covered and to make enough to keep the business going.  Please refer to all of our amazing reviews from past customers to see for yourself!


We may be able to hire a trusted, caring ground transporter to deliver your piglet right to your door!  In order to qualify for this service, you must be within a 10-hour driving distance.  The transporter typically charges around $300 or so for this service.

We are not currently flying piglets to other states, as we feel this is extremely stressful on the piglet.  They are kept in the cargo section with all the baggage and temperatures can reach freezing or the opposite, extremely warm.  We don't feel this is beneficial for your piglet to experience so we decided against it.

There is no breeder on the planet who can guarantee the final size of your piglet.  Please do not believe this tactic to earn more money from customers.  We can, however, go off of parent sizes and get a really close estimate of what a piglets' final size will be.  With this being said, once the piglet leaves our property.. the way it is raised, fed, given treats, exercise ALL go into play.  Our pigs have small genetics, yes, but if a new owner doesn't allow for exercise and feed an appropriate, healthy diet... it can make for an overweight pig.  ( Just like in humans)   We welcome any potential customers to visit our farm to see adult sizing :)  We know you will fall in love with all of them, just as we have!



Refusals:  We reserve the right to refuse business to anyone for any reason at our discretion. Should we feel that an animal is not a good fit or someone refuses to purchase items necessary to the animals survival, we reserve the right to refuse the sale. We do not take this decision lightly, nor do we take our responsibility to the animals we care for and place lightly. With over 5 million companion animals ending up in shelters nationwide each year, we are very careful to only place our animals in secure, forever homes.

Refunds:  Refunds are not given on any pig payments. 


In the event that the Customer changes their mind on the sale of the chosen piglet, for any reason, or fails to respond to correspondence about said piglet for an extended amount of time exceeding 3 business days, the Breeder shall suffer losses that are difficult to ascertain. As such, Customer agrees that, in the event of cancellation by Customer, all payments toward the piglet shall be forfeited by Client and paid to the Breeder as liquidated damages and not as a penalty. It covers the time that the Breeder has kept the piglet off the market from other prospective buyers and covers all vet fees issued to individual piglets and purchaser.

The $250 deposit will place you on our waiting list, or can be placed on any available piglet of your choosing at the time of payment.  Once the piglet is chosen and deposited upon the piglet selection is solidified, and the buyer cannot change to another piglet. The piglet must be paid in full on the 5th week of life.  Deposits expire after 6 months

Scheduled payments can be made via the piglet payment page.  All said payments must reach full amount of piglet price by the time the piglet is 5 weeks old, prior to picking up.


The buyer further agrees to the following conditions:

1. The Buyer agrees this pig is being sold as a pet only, not to be bred or used for breeding purposes.  Buyer agrees to provide a life-long commitment, a comfortable environment, prompt medical attention, proper grooming and responsible care. This includes providing the mini pig with proper nutrition, which consists of a mini pig food, fruits, vegetables, a few treats, and fresh water available at all times. The Buyer promises to provide a safe environment for the mini pig, and never allow the mini pig to roam freely without proper fencing or supervision. 

2. Buyer agrees that with any surgical procedure, such as the spay or neuter surgery to be performed, unknown complications may arise and there are risks. Seller guarantees any piglet purchased is free from known genetic deformities and of sound health and temperament at time of sale, unless otherwise noted in sales description of piglet or in veterinary records under sellers care. Owner is entitled to obtain a veterinary examination within one week (7 days) of purchase date/physical possession of piglet (whichever comes later). Any diseases, illnesses, defects, or physical issues detected during this examination must be notated on official letterhead by the licensed, examining veterinarian. Any expenses incurred for treatment by the purchaser must be attached and sent via tracked mail to the seller within 7 days of examination. If the cause is determined to be attributable to the seller, seller will then determine, at seller's discretion, to EITHER reimburse any treatment costs OR offer a full refund for purchase price of piglet.  A replacement piglet may be offered at seller’s discretion, subject to availability. This guarantee does not apply to emergency treatments for non-genetic disorders, treatments related to stress of travel/rehoming, or treatments related to care or negligence of piglet under owner’s husbandry. 
If a full refund or replacement is offered, the piglet MUST be returned at OWNER’S expense. Seller reserves the right to require a secondary opinion from a veterinarian of breeders choice before any reimbursements are made, with examination and diagnostic fees at seller’s expense. If the secondary opinion does not concur with the original veterinarian's diagnosis, a third veterinarian may be mutually agreed upon by buyer and seller, with examination and diagnostic fees split evenly between the two.


If the claimed animal is deceased, a necropsy must be performed at owners expense to determine cause of death before proceeding with any reimbursement procedures. 

3. If at any time the Buyer can no longer retain possession of this mini pig, the Seller will resume full ownership of the mini pig. It is the buyer's responsibility to contact SoCalMiniPigs.com (Seller), so the pig can be returned or re-homed.  It is equally the buyer's responsibility to cover fees that incur to return the pig to Seller. The decision to have the pig re-homed is at the complete discretion of SoCalMiniPigs.com (Seller), and not the buyer.  There will be no refund for the pig, but the seller will take charge of the pig and either keep it or re-home the pig.  Under no circumstances will this mini pig be sold, leased, traded or given away to any person, pet shop, research laboratory, animal shelter or similar facility. 

4. The Buyer agrees to contact the Seller immediately if any questions or concerns arise about the mini pig, such as housing, diet, or health. The buyer agrees to keep the seller informed of any significant health issues with his or her mini pig. This provides the Breeder/Seller with an opportunity to follow up on the mini pig and gives the Breeder/Seller important feedback and information on the health or our mini pigs for future generations. 

5. The buyer acknowledges it is his/her responsibility to make sure Mini Pigs are allowed in their place of residence.  The buyer further agrees that there is no size or color guarantee on the purchased piglet. 

6. The buyer acknowledges that once the pig leaves our property, the pig is no longer SoCalMiniPigs.com responsibility and we are released of any liability.  The buyer understands and agrees that any behavioral issues may arise related to inadequate interaction with pig, lack of consistent training, boredom, or simply due to the nature of a pig.  Seller recommends that owners fully familiarize themselves with and are prepared to confront such issues as rooting, chewing, squealing, nipping/biting, and inappropriate elimination. Seller also recommends that pigs be given access to a secured area outdoors where they can indulge in natural behaviors like rooting, wallowing, grazing, sunbathing, and exploring.

Right to refuse business:

We reserve the right to refuse business to anyone for any reason at our discretion. Should we feel that an animal is not a good fit or someone refuses to purchase items necessary to the animal's survival, we reserve the right to refuse the sale. We do not take this decision lightly, nor do we take our responsibility to the animals we care for and place lightly. With over 5 million companion animals ending up in shelters nationwide each year, we are very careful to only place our animals in secure, forever homes. 

I am in full agreement with and agree to abide by, all the above terms and conditions of this contract.  I confirm that I am 21 years of age or older and am legally permitted to enter into this agreement.