*We do not charge extra for blue eyes or special coloring.

Our price of $800 is affordable compared to others charging thousands of dollars (for no reason)
Your piglet is coming from a LOVING home! We pride ourselves in caring for our animals.
 Our piglets are handled, loved,  & socialized with us & dogs from week 1!
 We keep you posted with updates and "pigtures" as they grow.
  The expected adult size of a piglet is in the range of the parent’s size.
 You pick a name and we will start teaching them it from birth.
 Piglets are litter box trained, weaned to solid foods, and de-wormed. 
Piglets go home with a care package including our information packet, piglet records, a dose of de-wormer, and a sample ziplock bag of the organic food your piglet is used to.
 Lifetime support for you!  We are ALWAYS here for questions & concerns.  Contact us anytime!