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SoCalMiniPigs Farm School
Ages 5 and under, Tuesday, Nov 14th 10am-noon
Only a few spots are avai

Are you ready to provide your child with an enchanting adventure that fosters sensory exploration, social interaction, and hands-on learning?

Look no further than our 2-hour Farm School event at SoCalMiniPigs!

Animal Connection:

 During this immersive experience, your child will be introduced to a captivating world of animals, featuring the gentlest and most adorable pigs, delightful ducks, clucking chickens, friendly goats, fluffy sheep, and a charming mini horse. At SoCalMiniPigs, we understand that sensory engagement is essential for early development. Interacting with our animals provides a multisensory experience that enriches your child's understanding of the world around them.


Guidance from the farm owner, as well as an On-Site Teacher:

Our experienced and passionate farm expert and charismatic teacher will be right there by your child's side, offering valuable insights and ensuring their safety as they explore the animals. The teacher's presence guarantees a tailored and educational experience for each child. Their role is not just to instruct but to spark curiosity and nurture a love for animals and nature.


Hands-On Exploration: 

Farm School at SoCalMiniPigs is all about hands-on learning. Children will have the opportunity to touch, feed, and observe our friendly animals up close. This tactile experience ignites their senses, fostering a deeper appreciation for the animal kingdom.


Craft Project: 

Engaging in a creative craft project is not only fun but also an excellent way to refine fine motor skills. Your child will unleash their imagination through painting, and nature-inspired art. These activities provide a wonderful avenue for self-expression. Your child will be able to bring their "art" home with them and remember this amazing experience.


Group Reading Session: 

We understand the significance of group activities in promoting social interaction and teamwork. During our group reading time, your child will be surrounded by their peers, sharing stories and developing crucial social skills in a nurturing environment.


Sensory Benefits:

  • Texture: The tactile experience of petting animals stimulates sensory exploration.

  • Sight and Sound: Observing and listening to animals enriches visual and auditory perception.

  • Aroma: The farm setting exposes children to earthy scents, enhancing olfactory awareness.

  • Social Interaction: Engaging with other children fosters social development and communication skills.

  • Fine Motor Skills: Craft projects improve dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

  • Emotional Connection: Interacting with animals fosters empathy and emotional growth.


Unlock a World of Possibilities:

Our 2-hour Farm School event is designed to be the perfect introduction to the wonders of nature for your child. It's an opportunity for them to connect with animals, their peers, and the world around them in a way that is both educational and delightful. Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to create lasting memories and promote your child's sensory, social, and emotional development. Join us at SoCalMiniPigs Farm School event, where adventure, exploration, and education combine into an unforgettable experience!


NOW only $65 for each child, for the 2 hour event (1 Parent/chaperone included, each additional chaperone is $20) There is NO extra fee for a non-walking sibling.


What to bring:

Bring water and please wear close-toed shoes. It is a farm with mud and animal poop, so please wear clothes suited for dirty fun! Also, bring any snacks your child may need during this two-hour event.  Snacks are only allowed in the human area of the farm, not in the barnyard.


Refund Policy:

If for some unforeseen reason, you can't make it, your ticket is non-refundable but transferable to a friend for THIS particular event day only. 


Upon checking out you will be given a release of liability waiver to sign.  This must be signed before you and your child show up on the event day.

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