The pigs you see below have been raised on our farm and have been loved immensely!   They live outside with other in-tact pigs their age and I feel they would do well in a home where they are given much more attention.  These are my personal pets.  If I can't find a home that is perfect for them, I will be keeping them.  So please bear with me if I'm picky! :)  I would prefer them to go in pairs.. but even if you can open your home to one, that's wonderful. The adoption fee for the pigs below is only $100

If you're interested in any of my babies below... fill out an application linked above and insert the pigs name you are interested.  Please explain why you or your family would be a good fit. Thank you!


Beau is a 7 year old blue-eyed male.  He is not neutered, so he can't be around ant un-spayed females.  Beau is a complete lover and will follow you around the yard to get your attention and belly rubs!  He can sometimes get a little "pushy" when asking for attention by way of pushing on your leg to get your attention.  Some people with young kids may not like that or see that as aggressive.  He does have tusks but they have never, ever gotten in the way of anything here or come close to hurting anyone. Everyone loves beau and he has become a favorite here on the farm!  He is a 100% outdoor pig and would need a nice warm bed outside.   We'd love for him to be homed with one of our other male pigs, so they have each other as companions.  Not necessary, but if he's the only animal and you're not around a lot, he may get lonely.

You can schedule an appointment to come meet him and ask any questions!  He is located here in Norco, ca and will need to be picked up from this location.