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Peppa - 3.5 years old


Peppa is 3 years old, and solid pink with some tiny black markings by her ears and a very small adult pig.   She is used to living outside full time.  She does well with the other pigs, dogs, chickens, ducks, sheep, goats and other farm animals.  She's blind in one eye so she's more cautious of people at times when they approach or are giving her love (unless she knows you) 95% of the time she is a sweetheart and loves to be pet and get belly rubs.  However, she has bitten a few strangers here at the farm, as well as our 2 year old.  We think it has something to do with how she is approached or the energy.

So for this reason she probably shouldn't go to a home with small kids that don't understand. She did live indoors, at her previous home.. so she may be fine being indoors, with outdoor access.  She's been outside completely for 2 years now, so we aren't sure how this will go with her being indoors, but it may be just fine.  Feel free to text or call with any questions regarding Peppa.


Please fill out an application explaining why she'd be a good fit for your family.  We are asking a rehoming fee of $100 for Peppa

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