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It’s really important to lay down in your Piglets area with him
for as long as you possibly can, daily. Get A book to read, or look at your phone..
Whatever you want to do.. But he needs to realize being around you,
equals trust.  A pig’s Mind is innately wired not to trust ANYTHING  in the wild, but family.
So it can Take some time for that bond to be built.  Also, you’ll have to use Your instincts on
pushing him out of his comfort zone, but also Knowing when to pull back if he isn’t
tolerating being pushed.
-Lay in his area on your stomach for the first day or so and try not to push him to give you love.
-After the first day or so, lay on your back with your arms by your sides and palms flat and
Facing upward.  He may come “investigate” at this point.  So you can always have a pellet
In hand.  *let him come to you!!  Think reverse psychology here ;)
-Piglets seem to LOVE baby talk.  So you’re welcome to talk as much as you want, it calms
Them typically.  Start scooting closer to where he is laying and toss a pellet or plain cheerio
Over by him so he equates you and the sweet voice you’re using, to getting treats!
-With food being the way to their heart.. You’ll want to keep doing this.  Throw the single pellet
Or cheerio closer to where you are each time.  If he moves closer.. Give praise!!  Do this
A few times then end it.  Come back again later or tomorrow and do the same for a couple days
-At this point, he knows he can get food from you.. So sit up in his area and do the same, then
After a couple times of him eating the treat… start offering it in your hand!  A flat hand with
The single pellet resting in your palm.  Hold it low, so he can see it.  (remember they have
Bad eyesight)  Keep completely still while he takes it, giving praise.  Do this exercise
With him for a few times, then repeat again daily.  You will see immediate changes in his
Curiosity!!   After a week of doing this… remove the treat and start issuing chin scratches
When he comes up, instead of the treat.  He will back away.. This is when you have to feel
Out whether pushing him out of his comfort zone will work or not.  Here's an example:
He’s warmed up to us and we want him in the living room with us, and out
roaming to play, but every time we let him out...he has an accident.
Piglets can’t hold their bladders till they are around 6 months old.  And it’s SUPER
Important Not to let him out of his area too soon, and for too long…
otherwise, the potty training goes Out the door.  So, if you do let him out, have another box in the area you let him out to.  Or… only let him out for 15 minutes at a time.  
When will he let me hold him?
All pigs are different about this.  But the most important thing in my opinion, is repetition.
Follow my stress-free method of slow exposure and do this as often as you can.
Pigs don’t like to be picked up from the ground straight away.  Remember, in the wild
Screaming is their ONLY defense to predators.  They think every time their feet are off
The ground they are going to be eaten!  So this is why I suggest starting with him laying
In your lap on the ground first.  Making sure he’s comfortable with this repeatedly before moving on.  Then… start sitting up with him in your lap.. And repeat having him in your lap
While on the ground, but sitting up for a week.  Then… while he’s in your lap sitting up…
Quickly cup his rear and lift him up securely while you quickly sit in a seat.  He will know
He’s not on the ground anymore, but if you start scratching him to relax he will quickly
Ignore that fact.  Do this again and again till it’s second nature.  Then… once that’s
Second nature, stand up with him while he was sleeping in your lap.  Make sure his legs aren’t
Dangling and make sure to scratch that armpit while you’re holding him.  Make him feel as
Secure as possible.  And waaah-laaa!  
When we put him back in his area, he screams and screams.
When you put him back in his area, we don’t want it to feel like a punishment.  So, start
Using a command like “lets kennel up” Or.. “time for your kennel” and issue a treat each
And every time for a couple of weeks.   Also, it’s good to give a busy ball toy full of pellets or
Cheerios at this time.  So he doesn’t see going into his area as a bad thing, yet something
He looks forward to.  If he’s already in his area and screaming to get out.. just completely
Ignore him.  If you even go up and acknowledge him, he takes that as validation for what
He’s doing and realizes it gets your attention.  

He’s been squealing early in the AM for food. Waking us up before his normal feed time.
This is common and most pigs will try to test you on this.  If ignoring completely doesn’t work..
A few customers have found feeding the pig before bed will help this… OR… getting
An automatic feeder like this one… setting it on the counter (if it’s low they’ll ruin it) and letting the food Drop out at a certain time in the early AM.  This has stopped any issues of being
Hungry early.   But I will warn you if you get up early and personally feed your pig
When this starts happening, he will not stop doing this.  So don’t give in!! Otherwise you’re
Setting yourself up for failure.
Is ¼ cup of food enough?? He seems so hungry between meals.
¼ cup twice a day IS INDEED enough at first.  When he gets to be around 4 months, you can
Increase to ⅓ cup twice a day.  Stay at that till he’s 6 months, when you increase to ½ cup
Twice a day.  Then around 9 months you can up it to ¾ of a cup.. Then at a year you go
To 1 full cup, twice a day.  Of course, as many healthy veggies in between or with their meal
Is always okay! ;)  And remember, if you’re giving a busy ball full of pellets or something
Else high calorie.. Cut back at feed time.  *please remember, pigs aren’t actually fat in nature..
Farm hogs are intentionally fattened up for meat.  In nature, it’s actually bad for them to carry
Extra weight.  That being said, some pigs do require more.  If hip bones are ever showing,
Increase the amounts.  We want a rounded rump! :)
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