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As you can see, a full grown adult pig (3 years old or older) is around the size of an English Bulldog!  Our parent pigs are hand selected from small lines from established and reputable breeders to get smaller babies and unique coloring.


Mini pigs should be small when fully grown. Ideally standing 12-16 inches tall, with a length of around 20-25 inches longWeight will vary depending on parent sizes, bone structure, & the pig's diet in his or her new home.  We compare our full grown pigs to the general size of an English Bulldog or a basset hound (with a shorter length of body).


Please remember... pigs are DENSE and HEAVY & cannot be compared to the sizing of dogs when it comes to weight. Also, Spayed/Neutered Pet Mini Pigs will stay significantly smaller than an intact breeder.


With proper diet and exercise, your Pet Pig should stay in perfect condition!
Some of our pigs at have amounts of Juliana in them.   Juliana Pigs: Also known as teacup pigs, micro pigs or mini pigs, Juliana pigs are different than all other types of pigs. Julianas are the only truly diminutive pig, meaning they are a small pig by nature, not a result of breeding down generations of pigs. Julianas were imported to the US from England in the 1980's and have been preserved as pet pigs by a handful of dedicated breeders.



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