As you can see, a full grown adult pig (3 years old or older) is around the size of an English Bulldog!  Our parent pigs are hand selected from small lines from established and reputable breeders to get smaller babies and unique coloring.


Mini pigs should be small when fully grown. Ideally standing 12-16 inches tall, with a length of around 20-25 inches longWeight will vary depending on parent sizes, bone structure, & the pig's diet in his or her new home.  We compare our full grown pigs to the general size of an English Bulldog or a basset hound (with a shorter length of body).


Please remember... pigs are DENSE and HEAVY & cannot be compared to the sizing of dogs when it comes to weight. Also, Spayed/Neutered Pet Mini Pigs will stay significantly smaller than an intact breeder.


With proper diet and exercise, your Pet Pig should stay in perfect condition!
Some of our pigs at SoCalMiniPigs.com have amounts of Juliana in them.   Juliana Pigs: Also known as teacup pigs, micro pigs or mini pigs, Juliana pigs are different than all other types of pigs. Julianas are the only truly diminutive pig, meaning they are a small pig by nature, not a result of breeding down generations of pigs. Julianas were imported to the US from England in the 1980's and have been preserved as pet pigs by a handful of dedicated breeders.


  • Leo

    Everyone loves Leo's sweet eyes and disposition.  He is Violet's son and 100% Pink

  • Lil' Man Zen

    Zen is a sweet boy! Our most calm boy and probably one of the loviest pigs we have here.

  • Kayson

    Kayson is good at his job! hah! He's a sweet boy & loves attention. 

  • Norman

    His babies usually have cute short snouts and are always so sweet and loving


  • Lilly

    She seems to be everyone's favorite! She comes right up for belly rubs and doesn't leave!

  • Zoe

    Zoe is Fiona's daughter and has an extremely calm energy  SUCH a love bug!

  • Daisy

    Daisy is mostly pink with blue eyes. She's a sweet, calm girl.  So full of love!  Pregnant in this pic*

  • Ruby

    Ruby has the coolest coloring!  Her babies are always so sweet and outgoing

  • Cookie

    She is Cupcake's daughter and has the same short and stout boy type. LOVES belly rubs

  • Violet

    Violet has a special soul!  She's one of the sweetest girls &loves affection! A true gentle piggy.

  • Arabella

    Arabella is shyer with strangers but warms up. quickly.  Everyone loves her tiny stature.

  • Bambi

    Bambi always has the most beautiful babies! Her coloring is everyone's favorite!

  • Sienna

    Sienna throws that gorgeous Red coloring and short snouts! Her babies are stunning!

  • Cupcake

    Shorter, stockier build than some of the other girls, & as sweet as they come! 

  • Belle

    Belle is a spotted sweet girl who steals belly rubs from the other pigs!  So affectionate!

  • Laya

    Laya is no doubt the farm favorite! She was raised indoors and has the sweetest personality

  • Lil' Bit

    Lil Bit was one of my house pigs.  She is 100% love and has the CUTEST face! 

  • Jezebelle

    Bambi's daughter. So loving and has a short cute snout! Loves people and attention

  • Kora

    Kora was raised in the house with us and is eager to circle or sit for people and get lots of rubs!

  • Bijou

    Arabella's daughter! She is short and compact & loves laying in the sun and resting all day