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Hi there, I'm Sandra.  I started in 2013 in the beautiful rural city of Cottonwood located in Northern California.  We ended moving the farm to Norco, CA Southern California, and renamed the business ( to attract all the local piggy lovers... and we absolutely loved it!  Recently we purchased a larger lot of land in Valley Center, CA (north county San Diego) and moved the pigs, goats, chickens, and ducks to the new and improved farm!   Mini pigs are my passion, and my mission is to share these amazing sentient beings with the world!
One of my first memories as a child was having full sized pot belly pigs that we got to feed at my pre-school.  It was a special private school that had all sorts of farm animals, but for some reason... I can only remember the pigs.  They were very special to me.  I think children understand on a subconscious level how in tune and sentient animals are.  I always say "To know a pig, is to love a pig" :)
As an adult, I took every chance I could get to be around pigs.  Fairs, pumpkin patches, petting zoos, you name it!  Then finally one day I decided to take the plunge and get one myself.  I mean.. why not?  I had several rescue dogs and figured a pig wouldn't be much more work.
This is where my affinity grew to be ten times larger than it was before!!    I have always been a dog person but was quick to realize just how amazing pigs are, on so many levels.  I was able to train her with ease... and she grasped it with certainty right off the bat! She comes when called, happily sits for me, places on a box, spins when asked.. and more!  All of this learned by the time she was 10 weeks old! Not to mention pigs are the best snugglers ever! I knew this was something special... and I found a way to be able to share the amazing amounts of love and affection I felt for my little girl piglet, with everyone else!! 

Pigs are the 4th smartest animal on the planet.. which speaks volumes to their cognitive abilities. Comparatively, they have a cognitive understanding of a 3-year-old human child!!   impressive right?

My husband Wes and I now have a loving farm of over 30 pigs in Valley Center, Ca.  All of them are our babies, all come to their names... and all are treated with the utmost love and care! We spoil these lil' guys and give them as much time as we possibly can! :)  They love affection and thrive on being talked to.  Such a special experience for someone to have!

Furthermore, We live a vegan lifestyle.  So we feel sharing the love of pigs with everyone instills the fact that pigs are friends, not food. We hope one day the world sees them as such.
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