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Your piglet will be ready to pick up on Sept 18th or after

Please let us know what date works best for you.  Text us to arrange this. 951-505-7284


When you pick up you will need to bring a kennel with you 

I will be going over take-home instructions and your piglet info packet while you're here :) We can also go over any last min questions you may have.   


Text me: 951-505-7284 to set up your pick up time, or Email me: 


The address you will be picking up your baby from is:

15050 Kensal Court

Valley Center, CA 92082


And my phone # is 951-505-7284
(Text me if you're running late please)

*Please wear closed-toe shoes, and do not bring any other animals with you at the time of pickup.


Bring a hard-sided kennel to put your baby in (along with a blanket down so he or she doesn't slip) - (soft bag/kennels DO NOT work well for pigs) Laundry baskets, plastic tubs and boxes are NOT sufficient It needs to be secure and close so the baby is safe. he/she will want to stay in that the entire time, as he/she will be very scared.


Click the pic below to see our suggestion for kennel and size.This is the size your piglet wlll fit in when you first get him or her home. if you want a larger one he or she can grow into, you're welcome to get a larger one as well.



Your piglet may or may not potty in it.. that's ok… and normal. Trying to let him/her out to go potty would just frighten the baby more. And sometimes they hold it or wont go for the first day due to nerves.

He/She may or may not throw up… so bring some baby wipes and paper towels, just in case :)

They have water and feed bowls that attach to kennel doors nice and low so the pigs can reach. Those are best so they don't spill, but he/she may or may not want to eat or drink, again due to nerves.


Remember if you end up taking him or her out of the kennel for any reason… not to have any car doors open or windows down. They can and will hop out and you wont be able to catch him/her :( People have mistakenly put the piglet down for a second thinking it would stay put and the piglet runs off. So yeah, it's best to be careful :)


Beyond that when you get her home just put her in her little sectioned off area with some food and water down and let her decompress without too much stimulation. If they get too nervous or overwhelmed it can cause diarrhea If that happens, let me know ASAP as it can turn serious fast. So no treats or human food other than the food I give you for the first couple of days till her tummy settles.

When you first get your baby home... you will want an area set up that is somewhat small, but large enough for you to lay in with the piglet.  This is the space your piglet will learn he or she can trust you and to reinforce the potty training your baby already has.  Something perhaps 6 feet by 6 feet. We do want enough space for you to lay in with your piglet, a nice comfy bed and blankets, a shallow water dish, some toys, and the litter box.

(See photo below of  a great indoor piggy area)

The first week to week and a half..., keep your piglet in this smaller, sectioned off area.  You can let the piglet out to roam the house for 30 min at a time, or outside for longer since potty accidents don't matter outside.  You can always make the area larger as your piggy grows up so he or she has somewhere spacious to sleep,  But again, for now you want to re-enforce the potty training at this stage and if too much room and freedom is provided, you will be sabotaging that.   A lot of people like using horse stall mats as the base flooring or some sort of mat that has a rubber backing.  This helps protect your floors of accidents, ect.  I suggest this mat , and have found it works WONDERFULLY!






100% pure pine litter 

Non-toxic if your pig eats the pellets, and soaks up urine really nicely.  This is a 40-pound bag that should last a while. Simply fill your pig litter box about half-way with pine litter making sure the entire bottom of the box is full

of pine litter. 



This is the best litter box for pigs!

Featuring a low-lip, making it easy for your pig to get in and out, yet high enough to retain the litter.

24"x24"Can also be used as a tip-over proof outdoor water bowl/pool. Pigs love to lay in these to cool down when filled with water. We suggest getting 2.



Perfect area for your new piglet! 

  • Includes 8 panels measuring 31.5 inches high by 31.5 inches wide

  • Finish Provides Years of Protection

  • Secure Double Latch Door Access

  • Can be set-up multiple ways: Octagon, Square, and Rectangle or more!



A cozy/warm pig bed

You'll want a bed your pig can snuggle up in and be nice and warm.  Pigs sleep a lot throughout the day and a nice bed is essential. We have other options as well in the store.



Perfect for feeding your pig! 

It has a low-lip making it easy for even piglets to reach inside the bowl.  Normal bowls don't work well for pigs.

 *Can be used as an indoor water dish as well.



 A cozy blanket to snuggle in

Pigs LOVE blankets.  A nice, soft, warm blanket (or multiple blankets) are essential for a happy pig.  They love to burrow and snuggle in them



A soft friend to snuggle with

Pigs love to cuddle with stuffed toys and this little pink pig is a perfect size at 12 inches tall.



Piglets love this crinkle tunnel

 It makes a fun crinkle sound as they pass through.  You may have seen this tunnel featured in our videos on instag



Pigs love these toys! 

Stuff it with lettuce, fruits, veggies and watch your pig have a blast pushing it around to get all the yummy food out!



ORGANIC NON-GMO Mini Pig food!! 

An organic, proper protein formulated feed for your mini pig is essential.  A lot of store mini pig feeds aren't organic and cause harm due to their ingredients

  • Formulated with certified organic ingredients

  • The feed we use here at the farm



Mini Pigs need to be de-wormed

every 4-6 months.  It's a simple medication you drop onto a meal, or their favorite snack No need to inject your pig. (yes this medication says injectable, but it is safe for oral use in pigs) DOSE: 0.2 cc per 10 pounds of body weight.



For constipation or diarrhea

Having pumpkin on hand for your pet pig is always a good idea.  Most pigs will get constipation, or diarrhea at some point and due to pumpkins high fiber helps with both of these issues.  



Bath time lick mat!

The perfect distraction for bath time!  Just stick to your wall, add some salt free peanut butter and your pig is distracted as you bathe him or her.  These are great!



Treat releasing ball

Used to keep your piggy occupied if you can't be there... or just for fun!  Just fill with some pellets and your piggy will have a blast getting all of them out!



Crinkle pig toy!

Pigs LOVE the sound this toy makes and its extremely durable!  Such a good choice as a play toy for your mini pig. They go crazy for this toy.

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