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Pig Boarding & Pig Sitting

Welcome to our premier pig sitting service, where we provide a safe and loving environment for your cherished mini pig while you're away!

At our special pig boarding facility, we treat each mini pig as a part of our extended family!

Whether it's a short getaway or an extended trip, you can rest assured that your beloved pet is in caring and capable hands. Choose our pig sitting service, and let your mini pig enjoy a vacation of their own!

By booking early, you ensure that your cherished piggy has a reserved spot and won't have to miss out on all the fun and pampering they deserve. Don't delay; secure your mini pig's spot now and have peace of mind knowing they will be in the best hands while you're away.


Farm Location:


  • Valley Center, California (North County San Diego) Text or call with any questions, including availability: 951-505-7284


Pig Boarding Pricing:


  • Boarding 1 pig is $50 per day

  • Boarding 2 pigs $75 per day

Long-term Pig Boarding (over 3 weeks)

  • Please inquire, as we do offer discounts for long term

Housing for your pigs stay:

  • An outdoor sectioned-off private area next to the main pig area, so your pig can socialize safely through fencing but not feel alone.

  • A special, water-proof, raised off-the-ground house large enough for 2 adult pigs to sleep in together. Heat is used accordingly. Bring your pig's bed he/she is used to sleeping with, or we can use fresh straw for bedding

  • Special DG flooring so the ground does not flood in your pig’s area

  • Leak-proof roofing over your pig’s house to keep your pig dry, warm, or cool in any weather condition

  • Roll down Screens that block the sun and create shade on hot days

  • Large basins of water large enough for your pig to get into or drink out of


What's included in your pig's stay with us:


  • 2 daily feedings (You provide your pig's food for his/her stay with us) if you’d like we can feed our Organic feed for an extra fee

  • We encourage you to bring any snacks that you'd like us to give your piggy throughout the day (we can use our refrigerator for any cold items)

  • A poop clean up twice a day

  • Video updates are sent twice a week or more

  • We will help unload and load your pig for you from your car to the enclosure

  • Lots of unconditional love from us!!  We never want your pig to feel “left alone” and we do our best to make sure he or she doesn’t feel lonely

What to bring for your pig:

  • We encourage you to bring whatever you feel will make your piggy the MOST comfortable during their stay with us.  Bed, blanket, toys, snacks, you name it!

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