We are now offering "Pig Sitting" here at the farm!  We have a special sectioned off area set up where your pig can stay with us comfortably while you're away!  It's right next to the other pig areas so your piggy will have plenty of company during his or her stay!


Farm Location:


  • Valley Center, California (North County San Diego) Text or call with any questions, including availability: 951-505-7284


Pig Boarding Pricing:


  • Boarding 1 pig is $50 per day

  • Boarding 2 pigs $75 per day

What's included in your pig's stay with us:


  • 2 daily feedings (You provide your pig's food for his/her stay with us)

  • Snacks that you'd like us to give your piggy throughout the day

  • A heated playhouse to sleep in full of straw or a bed if you prefer to bring your pig's bed

  • A poop clean up twice a day

  • An outdoor sectioned-off private area next to the main pig area, so your pig can socialize safely through fencing but not feel alone.

  • Video updates are sent twice a week or more

  • We will help unload and load your pig for you from your car to the enclosure

What to bring for your pig:

  • We encourage you to bring whatever you feel will make your piggy the MOST comfortable during their stay with us.  Bed, blanket, toys, snacks, you name it!