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Adorable baby Mini Pigs for sale & Farm Visits

Mini pigs make great companion animals! They are clean, almost odor-free, litter box trained, like to play, love belly rubs & affection, can be leash trained, are extremely smart, and love people and most other animals!  

Our goal is to share the love of these amazing, sentient beings.. and break the stereotype that they are simply dirty farm animals

Visit our mini pig farm in San Diego,

Visit our farm

Come pet our mini pigs & other farm animals!  This is a special hands-on experience!! They love belly rubs and affection! Book a visit now!

Mini Pigs for sale in California,

Mini Pigs for sale

Want to add a pet mini pig to your family? Click here to see our available piglets and learn more about joining our waiting list.  It's worth it!


About us

We want to welcome you to!  We'd love to have you visit our farm & help you obtain your pet mini pig dreams

Mini Pig information ebook

Mini Pig Ebook

This 52-page E-book goes over everything you need to know about having a pet mini pig. View it on any mobile device, any time you need it!

Mini Pigs as pets

Having a pig as part of your family is beyond rewarding. The personality and love they bring are priceless. They strive for approval and constantly want to be loved. Pigs are one of the top most intelligent animals, right under dolphins and above dogs. They get along great with children and most other pets.  You do however need to introduce everyone slowly and with supervision. Additionally,  we must advise to never leave a potentially aggressive dog home alone with your pig.


Pigs are extremely clean and prefer neat and scheduled order to their life.  They are easily litter box trained and love to sleep in fluffy dog beds in the house with you!  Additionally, you can harness train them to go places or on walks with you!  They are so unique and special for so many reasons. With proper care, a pig can live 12-15 years!  Pigs are social animals, so if you work a 9-5 and have no other animals to keep your pig company, or if you live in an apartment where there isn't an attached, enclosed yard, a pig is most likely not a good pet for your living situation.  Pigs like to be around their owners and or other animals for companionship and need space to be a pig freely off leash.

Purchasing a mini pig is a commitment, not something you want to gift to someone as a surprise.  It takes preparation and research before jumping in to owning a pig. See our Prepping for your piglet page to get an idea of what you will need for a pet mini pig.   Understand your pig can live possibly 15 years or more.


We take matching you with the perfect pet pig very seriously. We pride ourselves in raising healthy, happy, pet mini pigs. If you have any questions along this journey, we are here for you! We’re not in this business to make quick cash.. we are here because we feel pigs add so much love & value to our customer's lives.  We love being able to share that with you!  Our number one goal is to provide loving people with loving pigs. Even if you do not get your piggy from us, we can recommend some reputable breeders that are certified, as we are.   We hope we can help you fulfill your pet mini pig dreams!!

Mini pigs when full grown (around age 3) are
comparable in size to an English Bulldog

Mini Pigs in California

What is the average size of a mini pig, a teacup pig, & Micro Pig?


Mini pigs absolutely do exist!  They are bred to be a miniature version of the typical 700-pound farm hog.  Farm hogs can get to be upward of 700 pounds!  So as you can see, mini pigs are absolutely a much smaller version of a farm hog.  They are often called "teacup pigs" or "micro pigs", but these are just opinionated size classifications and NOT separate, special, smaller breeds that stay tiny as some people will try to make you believe.  They all grow to be around the same size and stature and are all MINI PIGS.  Again, "miniature versions" of the large-bred farm hogs you see used for factory farming.  No, they don't fit into a handbag, and no, they don't stay chihuahua sized, but they are absolutely no different than having a medium to large sized dog roaming your home.

Please DO NOT be fooled by some breeders claiming they have "Micro" or "teacup pigs" that will stay 20 pounds, it's simply not true (unless they are severely starved). This is animal abuse and can lead to premature death and organ failure. Sometimes these breeders will show you pictures of young or baby pigs and tell you they are full grown and just "extra small".  Again, please do not believe this tactic as all pigs grow till they are at least 3 years old.


Over the years, mini pigs have been bred down in size through selective breeding and mixing of breeds. These breeding programs have been in existence since the 1940’s in laboratories and continue today across the US and Canada. The focus is on personality, color, size, and conformation. This is the same process that has been used to create and identify distinct breeds of dogs.


Mini pigs are not the same as pure Vietnamese Potbellied Pigs. Mini Pigs have been mixed with several different breeds and some lines have no potbellied genetics at all. These are smaller mixed breeds of swine with a distinct build from that of other miniature breeds, such as the Gottengin, Yucatan, Minnesota Mini Pig. Compared to potbelly pigs, mini pigs should be smaller when fully grown. Ideally standing 12-18 inches tall, with a length of around 20-25 inches long.  Weight will vary depending on parent sizes, bone structure, & the pig's diet in his or her new home.  As breeders, we do not focus on the weight of the pig.  We like to go off of height and length as well as general conformation.  We compare our full grown pigs to the general size of an English Bulldog. 


Mini Pigs are short and very dense, in fact, they are 3 times as dense than a dog, so it is hard to compare their weights to dogs. For example...Pigs that look like they weigh 30 pounds are usually around 60 pounds.  They weigh double what they look like they weigh.  This being said, mini pigs should not be fat. You do not see fat pigs in the wild. Not being able to feel their hips, large jowls doubling their face size, rolls of fat or immobility are all signs your mini pig is overweight. Mini pigs face and body should be proportionate and streamline. In fact, mini pigs are more slender-bodied. Overfeeding your pig can be just as detrimental as underfeeding or a malnourished pig and is seen more often. Underfed pigs can lead to early death and organ failure. While sizes may vary considerably, some healthy adult mini pigs may mature as small as 50 pounds at 5 years old.   Depending on genetics and how your pig is fed, he or she could be over 80 pounds as well.  



Mini Pigs Full grown: The photo above has a diagram of different-sized pigs. The real pig next to the woman is a mini pig. The other pigs are the standard size for different pig breeds, the pink one being a farm hog and the very large pig is the one that holds the world record for size. 

A message from the owner of

Steps to adding one of our pet mini pigs to your family:


It is imperative to check with city government regulations before bringing a pig into your home as a pet, as they are considered to  be livestock according to the USDA. Many cities do not allow pet pigs inside the city limits.  So people who ignore these rules usually are forced to get rid of their beloved pet at some point.  It's devastating for the owner, and even more so for the pig who will most likely end up in a shelter.  It's simply not fair.  So be SURE you are zoned before you inquire about getting a pig.

Contact your local city office or look on their websites for animal ordinances keeping in mind that a pet pig will most likely fall under their livestock regulations.


Fill out an application

We need to make sure we feel a pig as a pet is a good fit for you and that you have the proper living arrangements for a pig as a pet. We will get back to you within 24 hours  You can find our application link at the top of this website


Place a deposit

Once your application is approved and you hear back from us, you can place a deposit.  Your $300 (Non-refundable) deposit gets subtracted from the total cost All payments made are non-refundable. 


Choose your piglet

Once piglets are offered you must pick or pass within 24 hours. We have a waiting list and it's not fair to keep the others on the list waiting. If you don't respond within the 24 hours you are given, I will have to move down the list.

Why our pet mini pigs are a step above the rest:

Our price of $600 is affordable compared to others charging thousands of dollars (for no reason)

Your piglet is coming from a LOVING home! We pride ourselves in caring for our animals.

Your piglet will be on 100% organic feed while here with us, treated with the utmost respect and care!
Our piglets are handled, loved, & socialized with us & dogs from week 1!
We keep you posted with updates and "pigtures" as they grow.
The expected adult size of a piglet is in the range of the parent’s size.
You pick a name and we will start teaching them it from birth.
Piglets are litter box trained, weaned to solid foods 
Lifetime support for you! We are ALWAYS here for questions & concerns. Contact us anytime!

We don't say we have the "Premier pet mini pigs" lightly! 


1. We put the needs and health of our pigs first!  This is why we do not keep our pigs in cages, they have land to roam freely.  Sadly this is NOT the case for a lot of breeders farms I have personally been to.  (you'd be shocked and surprised).  

*Additionally, we are HUGE believers in the detrimental effects of non-organic and GMO feed.  Corn and soy are the main ingredients in most feeds for pigs.  We invest double the cost (per bag of feed) so our pigs and piglets get 100% organic, non-GMO pig feed! This ensures you are getting QUALITY in your investment for your future family pet.  There can be hidden, underline health issues that pigs on non-organic feed suffer with.  This won't show itself for months, or years maybe, but it will be to the detriment of your loving pet.  

2. Our farm is our priority.   We don't just breed mini pigs on the side with limited time to dedicate to these amazing creatures… we dedicate everything we have into making them an amazing pet for you!

3. Our piglets are weaned from momma slowly.. and at the right age. Some breeders will sell piglets at far too young of an age who didn't get adequate time with Mom, or all the nutrients a piglet needs from Mom. These breeders are selling piglets that they call "Bottle Babies" claiming you build a deeper bond with the animal because you nurse them from a bottle. This is not only absurd and unhealthy.. but a ploy to get your money!

4. After piglets are weaned & taught how to be a pig from Mom, we spend countless hours socializing them with us, children, other animal species.. as well as an
 introduction to potty training. Your piglet will leave here exposed to everyday life things. We want our piglets to experience all the things he or she may encounter with you, so that when you get your piglet.. it's an easy transition and you are bringing home a well-rounded pet.

5. We have small mini pig breeding lines. Our mini pigs range in age, but it's clear to see our older pigs are small pigs. We welcome anyone serious about getting a piglet out to our farm. To meet our pigs, to see sizes, and to see how well they are taken care of they are.

6. Want to feel confident in your choice to get a pig from us? Just read our yelp reviews!! Previous customers have been kind enough to leave really positive feedback about their experiences with us.

7. We care deeply about our pigs and want you to have a great experience. Once you adopt a piggy, we are always here to help in any way we can and answer any questions you have about your pet pig. We offer lifetime support for your new piggy! 


Do mini pigs make good indoor pets?

Mini pigs do make good indoor pets!  However, they love to bask in the sun, root in the dirt and spend time outside.  You should get a mini pig with the intention of indoor and outdoor time. If a pig was kept strictly indoors it would ultimately be a very unhappy pig.  We need to fulfill them as a breed and give them what they truly need, not what we as people want.


Can you potty train a mini pig?

Yes, our mini pigs come potty trained.  However, you can read more about supplies you will need to instill that behavior in your new home here


Will a mini pig walk on a leash?

Yes, you can use a harness on a mini pig and teach him or her to walk on the leash.  It takes time and patience, but can absolutely be done!  


Are mini pigs hypo-allergenic?

Technically no. There is a small percentage of people who still have reactions from mini pigs.  However, MOST people allergic to cats and dogs do fine around mini pigs.


How long do mini pigs live?

A mini pig can live anywhere from 12-15 years if kept nice and healthy, assuming there are no underlying health issues.


Who will watch my pig when I'm out of town?

We offer piggy boarding here at our farm!  Be sure to check out the details here!


What's the price of your piglets?

All piglets are $600 (no matter color or eye color) unless marked on sale for special promotion reasons.  

Can I come visit your farm?


Yes absolutely!  Price depends on your group size Book your visit here


Where are you located?

Our Mini pig farm is located in San Diego - Southern California.  We are in the city of Valley Center CA, only about 13 miles north of Escondido CA

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Come pet and play with our mini pigs and other loving farm animals! This is a hands-on experience where you get to go into the barnyard for an hour and enjoy the therapeutic love these animals give! Mini Pigs, piglets, chickens, ducks, turkeys, mini goats and a mini horse! It's a great way to make loving memories with family or friends. We are located in North San Diego County

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