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Adorable baby Mini Pigs for sale

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Steps to adding one of our pet mini pigs to your family:


It is imperative to check with city government regulations before bringing a pig into your home as a pet, as they are considered to  be livestock according to the USDA. Many cities do not allow pet pigs inside the city limits.  So people who ignore these rules usually are forced to get rid of their beloved pet at some point.  It's devastating for the owner, and even more so for the pig who will most likely end up in a shelter.  It's simply not fair.  So be SURE you are zoned before you inquire about getting a pig.

Contact your local city office or look on their websites for animal ordinances keeping in mind that a pet pig will most likely fall under their livestock regulations.


Pick up your piglet when he/she is old enough to come home!


Fill out a piglet application

We need to make sure we feel a pig as a pet is a good fit for you and that you have the proper living arrangements for a pig as a pet. We will get back to you within 24 hours after receiving your application. You can find our application link at the top of this website


After application is approved, Place a deposit (deducted from total amount of $600)

Once your application is approved, you can place a deposit.  Your $300 (Non-refundable) deposit will place you on our waiting list and hold your spot in line for the piglet of your choice.  If what you are looking for is not produced or there are not enough piglets, your deposit will be transferred to the next available litter. All payments made are non-refundable. 


Choose your piglet

Once piglets are offered you must pick or pass within 24 hours. We have a waiting list and it's not fair to keep the others on the list waiting. If you don't respond I will have to move down the list.  All piglets will be sold as pets with a spay contract stating that you are not purchasing a piglet for breeding. *We reserve the right to have the first choice of piglet from each litter.

At the 5 week of age mark, The remaining balance is due. (Or you're absolutely allowed to make payments prior to the 5th-week mark)    We will be in touch with you to arrange a time to pick up your piglet from us after your piglet is 6.5 weeks old.

Why our pet mini pigs are a step above the rest:

Our price is affordable compared to others charging thousands of dollars (for no reason)

Your piglet is coming from a LOVING home! We pride ourselves in caring for our animals.

Your piglet will be on 100% organic feed while here with us, treated with the utmost respect and care!
Our piglets are handled, loved, & socialized with us & dogs from week 1!
We keep you posted with updates and "pigtures" as they grow.
The expected adult size of a piglet is in the range of the parent’s size.
You pick a name and we will start teaching them it from birth.
Piglets are started on  litter box training, weaned to solid foods and wormed. 
Piglets go home with a care package including our information packet, a dose of de-wormer, and a ziplock bag of the organic food your piglet is used to.
Lifetime support for you! We are ALWAYS here for questions & concerns. Contact us anytime!

*We do not charge extra for blue eyes, or special patterns/coloring

Ruby/ Cody Girl 1 - SALE $300

Mom: Ruby Dad: Cody Born: 8/31/23 Estimated Pickup date: 10/20/23

Solid black with a Pink spot on her snout.  So sweet and curious!

Petunia/ Cody Girl 1 - SALE $400

Mom: Petunia Dad: Cody Born: 10/1/23 Estimated Pickup date: 11/15/23

Paisley/ Cody Boy 2 - SALE $300

Mom: Paisley Dad: Cody Born: 10/3/23 Estimated Pickup date: 11/18/23

Peppa/ Cody girl 3 - $500

Mom: Peppa Dad: Cody Born: 9/27/23 Estimated Pickup date: 11/12/23

Peppa/ Cody girl 4 - $500

Mom: Peppa Dad: Cody Born: 9/27/23 Estimated Pickup date: 11/12/23

Sasha/ Cody Girl 1 - $500

Mom: Sasha Dad: Cody Born: 10/16/23 Estimated Pickup date: 12/01/23

Arabella/ Cody Boy 1 - $600

Mom: Arabella Dad: Cody Born: 10/23/23 Estimated Pickup date: 12/09/23

Arabella/ Cody Girl 1 - $600

Mom: Arabella Dad: Cody Born: 10/23/23 Estimated Pickup date: 12/10/23

Arabella/ Cody Boy 2 - SALE $400