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Come meet and pet our adorable mini pigs!!  This is a hands-on interactive experience, and our piggies LOVE belly rubs!!  Ask any questions you may have, or simply enjoy getting to know all of our pigs. We love spreading knowledge and sharing the love of these amazing, sentient beings and hope to meet you soon!


Petting Zoo for birthday parties or events! San Diego, CA

Birthday parties,  Home School Groups, Girl Scouts, work events, private family gatherings....



  • A great family-friendly activity for kids in San Diego

  • This is a hands-on experience!  Get a chance to rub the bellies of these small pigs & other animals while making new friends with these cute little creatures

  • Chat with a professional and get any of your questions answered by someone with plenty of knowledge

  • Spend an hour with adorable animals at a local loving farm


What's Included


  • Now is your chance to enjoy some animal therapy!!  Spend a loving hour with our sweet animals!  We have over 20 pigs, 3 goats, Chickens, a mini horse, ducks, and Sheep!

Additional Information


  • You will be able to pet, scratch, and play with the adult mini pigs. Any questions you may have will be answered at your visit as well.

  • Please keep in mind, the young piglets will be running around the same area, so you’re able to take photos and videos of them and if you are approached by a piglet you’re welcome to reach out and try to rub him or her, but we have a strict rule they are not allowed to be chased, held, or picked up as this could potentially lead to a piglet being hurt.

  • We have a public restroom on site. 

  • SoCalMiniPigs Farm will not be open on any national holidays. Additionally, Farm tours scheduled for rainy days, or days following rainy days (if flooding is an issue) will need to be rescheduled



  • The visit will be limited to an hour, so if you’re running late please keep in mind that time comes off your hour booking.

  • Please wear close-toed shoes to protect your toes, as pigs like to nibble. Additionally, wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty (this is a farm and it’s bound to happen).

  • Please do not show up with more people than you booked for your farm visit.  We only allow so many people at a time, so you may be turned away or charged on the spot if you show up with additional people.

  • Please do not bring any animals with you to our location.  We have livestock guardian dogs that see any outside animal on our property as a threat.

  • If you arrive early, Please stay on our property and in your car till the farm visit start time.  

  • Parents, please do not allow your children to run around the property

Price $450

Length of visit: 1 hour -Amount of people allowed: Up to 28 (includes children)



We have an option for us to provide pizza for your event for an additional cost.  

You may bring in your own food, order food to be delivered, or have your event catered.

*Please note: any outside vendors, or anyone cooking/preparing food on the farm must provide us with a copy of their Accord $1M Public Liability Insurance Certificate (COI) 

Cancellation Policy

  • If we need to cancel your date and time, we will allow you the option of letting us know what dates work to reschedule.  You will only be allowed up to 6 months to rebook.  Anything after that becomes invalid and you must re-book.

  • If it is raining: We are an outdoor location and rain on the day of, or even the day before your party can be a spoiler. If there is bad weather in the forecast, we will discuss this with you the week of your party. The amount of rain and when we get it will determine if the farm will be open or closed and if we will be canceling your party. You may also decide not to take the chance and choose to cancel yourself. In either case, if rescheduling is not an option for you, you will receive a full refund of your deposit.

NOTE:  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. Visiting hours and scheduled visits are subject to cancellation at any time and/or subject to change without prior notice of

Fill out the form below to request your event date. We will get back to you ASAP! Please call us with any questions: 951-505-7284

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